10 Local Artists to Follow

Here is our Top 10 List of Local Artists to Follow This Month 


These local artists are from various parts of Ontario & Montreal Canada. Each artist is either a personal friend to us or someone we have found through other artist friends and networking opportunities. 

Please be sure to FOLLOW each artist on Social Media & SUBSCRIBE to the platforms that play their music as this truly helps them on their way to becoming well known names in our area. 


#1 - JNephilim ( Owner of MMVSSMOOTHIES.COM

 * Click Link To Download & Follow J=Neph 

#2 - TAYLOR.


#4 - RAYHMND (Ray Hammond)

#5 - Nicole Chambers

#6 - StrawberryShortemper

#7 - F.D WAVEY


#9 TCspades

#10 Peter Jackson

 Who else would YOU add to this list? 

Tell us in the comments!


Be Genuine, Be Kind, Be Authentic

xoxo, The Janadian

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