Many Canadians are not aware that the Pine Trees around us have healing properties to them.

The Eastern White Pine or Pinus Strobus has a number of health benefits that include but are not limited to...
•boosting the immune system
•Improved eye health
•Improved blood circulation
•Elimination of pathogens from the body
•Improved overall health
•Aid in the appearance of skin
•Prevention of hair loss and dandruff
•Aid in curing respiratory ailments such as: cough, sore throat & has been reported to help ease symptoms of asthma 

This incredibly natural healing plant is now being used by our friends in the local community as a medicinal alternative to help prevent & aid in the body's healing process while experiencing DIS-Ease. 

These locally made products include White Pine Tinctures, Pine Needle Tea, Beard Oils & Body Butters

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