How to Plant a Garden

How to Plant a Garden

After our last post about Why We Should ALL Have Gardens we had a few questions come through our inbox around how to go about it. 

We thought we would share a quick how to guide while also sharing something from our own garden. Let's get started!

How to Start a Janadian Garden in 10 Steps

  1. Decide what you’d like to grow - Be sure to focus on growing what will actually be consumed. We do suggest also adding in a few wildflowers and hemp plants into the garden as the wildflowers will help bring around the pollinators while the hemp plants assist in regenerating the soil for an improved growing season. 
  2. Choose a location - Do research! Does the plant require full sun, partial sun or a far more shady area in order to thrive?
  3. Plan garden beds - Have a good idea of how big or small the plant will be by the end of it's season, as well as how much sunlight it will need. This will help determine where each seed is planted.
  4. Invest in basic garden tools - As much as it can be fun to just dig around in the dirt, garden tools will eventually become useful friends when it comes to weeds and thorns. Equipment can include but is not limited to a Garden hoe, Scuffle hoe, Dirt rake, Leaf rake, Garden Shovel or D handle Shovel and Hand tools.
  5. Test soil - Just like our bodies soil can be acidic, alkaline or have a neutral pH. Some soil characteristics can be determined from looking at the soil while others may require a home or professional lab test. 
  6. Prepare the soil - Healthy soil can improve year after year if looked after properly. Healthy soil is the perfect environment to maintain vibrant plants with built in disease/pest resistance and increased nutrition. Be sure to look into ways to prep soil that is also best for the plants chosen to grow.
  7. Choose the right seeds or transplants - Heirloom, Organic & NON-GMO seeds are the best to work with for a healthy body & healthy gardening environment. 
  8. Plant with care - Talk to the plants. Sounds silly but plants have eyes and ears just like we do and are very responsive to love & sunlight. The more positive vibrations we give a plant, the more nutrients it gives back to us. 
  9. Nurture the garden - Be sure to set aside time to be in the garden regularly. This ensures that plants are well cared for and can prevent over or under watering. 
  10. Enjoy the harvest! - When the time is right, pick from the crops & enjoy fresh, delicious food that can be grown all year round.

We hope this post is helpful for any Janadians looking to be a little more Earth Friendly & Self Sufficient in the days moving forward. 

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