How We Are Staying Healthy

"Small business owners sell or produce products based on their own interests. In many cases, these products are based on the needs of the community. Big business chains? They’re only focused on a national sales plan."

After seeing the impacts of the events that occurred in 2020, our business wanted to commit to taking action by encouraging well being in our day to day business. 
If we do not care for ourselves, we will not be able to care for others we love around us. This is why we believe that it is so important to promote the well being of our local communities and small businesses 1st before we turn to franchises without the same feelings about the unity in our community. 
Health & Well Being has been an increasingly talked about subject as we've been moving through 2021. One preventative and on set measure we take for ourselves is drinking tea daily. Tea has been found to provide a number of health benefits from increasing our antioxidant intake to boost our immune systems, to decreasing stress levels to help us maintain our mood. Nutritionists suggest that a daily intake of 4-8 cups of Lightly or Non-Caffeinated teas can provide us the most health benefits. 
We encourage you to care for your health by moving, eating well & remembering to lovingly embrace who you are everyday. 
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Be Genuine, Be Kind, Be Authentic
xoxo, The Janadian 

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