How We Work Together To Support Local

How We Work Together To Support Local

Throughout 2020 many of us saw local businesses band together in order to continue to help support their local communities. This was a beautiful movement with plenty of momentum for us to keep the idea rolling for a better & brighter future here on planet Earth. 

Local business owners have roots in our communities, just like we do. Independent business owners tend to make decisions with their community in mind. These decisions are ones that can help to shape our local environment.

Speaking of environment, have you ever noticed how much character our favorite local business have? Independent businesses have a distinct level of character not found in big franchise stores. More often than not, these business owners make us feel welcome, appreciated and more like a friend than a customer. 

Not only do we help our economy when we shop local, but we actually make dreams come to reality for real life people when we do too.  Every dollar spent at an independent business contributes 3 times more money into the local economy than compared to money spent at a big box or chain store. That's right, when you spend money at a local business a real person does a happy dance because they can get their kids those braces, support another local business that has supported them or upgrade to a new location to serve more in the community. 

Janadian Apparel & International Trading Company is all about supporting local as we are both local in Canada & Jamaica and have seen what the unity in community can do from small scale to large. 

See how our friends at Alicja Confections support the local community in Ottawa, Ontario in this video below

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Be Genuine, Be Kind, Be Authentic

xoxo, The Janadian.

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