The Janadian Zero-Waste Bathroom Mission

The Janadian Zero-Waste Bathroom Mission

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This is not our first post but we do feel it is an important one to be informed about.

In 2020 we decided to dedicate our time and efforts into limiting the waste we produce in our homes. While brainstorming ways to help make our company zero-waste over time as we grow in the fashion & trading industries we noticed that we could set out to be the example we want to promote inside our own homes as well. This idea is what gave birth to The Janadian Zero-Waste Bathroom Mission


The Zero-Waste Bathroom Mission is a blog/vlog series and lifestyle promotion that we hope to successfully achieve by December 31st, 2021. Products and services featured in the Janadian Blog that promote a zero-waste lifestyle will also be available for purchase in The Janadian Online Store or via Affiliate Link as an added convenience for Janadian Blog viewers. Please note that we have carefully selected our collaborators and any clicks or purchases made through the affiliate links, may provide us a commission at no extra charge to any of our viewers.


Why are we committed to the zero-waste bathroom mission by December 31st, 2021?

Living a Zero-Waste lifestyle can have a number of benefits such as reducing meaningless shopping, saving money, helping conserve resources, reduced pollution, longer lasting and higher quality products as well as a reduced carbon footprint. 


When will we post more about The Zero-Waste Bathroom Mission?
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In an effort to help make more accessible we will also be providing an audio component to our blog posts for those who many not have time to read our content. Find Audio Here


Be Genuine, Be Kind, Be Authentic.

xoxo, The Janadian 

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