Ways to RE-USE a Bamboo Toothbrush

Ways to RE-USE a Bamboo Toothbrush

Here is Janadian Apparel & International Trading Company's list of Ways To Re-Use a Bamboo Toothbrush. 


1. Bathroom Cleaning.

(Pro Tip: Write on the handle "Cleaning Brush" so there's no unfortunate mistakes.)

2. Use For Spot/Stain Remover On Clothes.

(Pro Tip: Pre Treating Clothes with some soap, vinegar and a bamboo brush can help keep clothes in better shape for longer, eliminating the need to buy into fast fashion trends and encourages switch to long wear sustainability.)

3. Garden Pegs.

(Pro Tip: Easily monitor garden growth with the name of the produce & it's planted date on an old Bamboo Toothbrush. They can also be used in a compost bin too!)

4. Brow Brush.

(Pro Tip: Give the bamboo bristles an extra good scrub with soap and water under extra hot water and sanitize with an alcohol based sanitizer before allowing the old brush to touch your face to prevent any cross contamination.)

5. Nail Brush Cleaner.

(Pro Tip: Follow the same cleaning and sanitizing suggestions as #4.)


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xoxo, The Janadian.

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