Why We Love EarthSuds

Why We Love EarthSuds

Wondering why we love EarthSuds in our shower daily?

EarthSuds body wash cubes are the perfect size cube for each time we need to lather up and get clean. Their formula also provides a number of benefits for the skin. 

Each body was cube is made with smoothing and moisturizing, glycerin which helps to lock in moisture and maintain the skin’s water balance to help prevent those extra dry skin days.

Every body wash cube is also infused with the botanical extracts of burdock root and green tea. Burdock root is packed full of antioxidants like luteolin, and phenolic acids which gives it an anti-inflammatory effect to heal skin and enhance the appearance of skin.

Green tea extract is widely used around the world and has been proven to help diminish the signs of aging and even out discoloration for a more youthful glow.


Another thing we love about EarthSuds, all products are Made in Canada!


Find these zero-waste body wash cubes in The Janadian Store HERE.


Be Genuine, Be Kind, Be Authentic.

xoxo, The Janadian 

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