10 Local Artists to Follow

10 Local Artists to Follow

Here is our Top 10 List of Local Artists to Follow This Month 


These local artists are from various parts of Ontario & Montreal Canada. Each artist is either a personal friend to us or someone we have found through other artist friends and networking opportunities. 

Please be sure to FOLLOW each artist on Social Media & SUBSCRIBE to the platforms that play their music as this truly helps them on their way to becoming well known names in our area. 


#1 - JNephilim ( Owner of MMVSSMOOTHIES.COM

 * Click Link To Download & Follow J=Neph 

#2 - TAYLOR.


#4 - RAYHMND (Ray Hammond)

#5 - Nicole Chambers

#6 - StrawberryShortemper

#7 - F.D WAVEY


#9 TCspades

#10 Peter Jackson

 Who else would YOU add to this list? 

Tell us in the comments!


Be Genuine, Be Kind, Be Authentic

xoxo, The Janadian

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