#BEPREPARED Food Storage

#BEPREPARED Food Storage

Emergency Preparedness is Important.

For those of us that have not ever experienced camping with only the necessities in life, this blog can be super handy to get a more clear idea of how to be prepared for any emergency (fire, power outage, water or food shortages, evacuation).

Each week in August Janadian Apparel & International Trading Company will release a simple & easy to adjust guide for Emergency Preparedness.

This week's guide is about Food Storage.

Every individual should be equipped with a 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Kit. Once that has been managed, building up to a 30 Day supply and moving towards a 3-6 Month supply should be the next steps in the process in order to efficiently be prepared with various options for Food Storage.

What Should Be Included in a 30 Day Emergency Food Storage Plan?

  • Water (Our bodies can go several days without food but water is a MUST)
  • Non-Perishables

This includes foods like canned fruits, veggies, and meats, crackers, powdered and condensed milk, dry beans, pasta, and rice.

  • Freeze Dried Foods

These are some of the best foods to use in an emergency as they last long, do not lose nutrition, taste good when rehydrated, are easy to prepare, and all types of food are available.

  • Dehydrated Foods

Dehydrated foods are simply foods which have had the moisture removed from them. Many of us already regularly consume a lot of dehydrated foods – such as jerky and raisins.

  • Meals Ready To Eat

Meals Ready to Eat are designed specifically for survival situations. This means these foods have long shelf lives, are often nutritionally complete, are compact, lightweight, and can easily be prepared with minimal/no cooking or water.

  • Survival Bars

Survival bars are meant for true emergency situations where we would need energy to stay alive. These bars will be lightweight and very compact for the amount of calories delivered – just don’t expect them to taste good unless you have made them yourself.

When planning for 1 Adult for 30 Days think about the most basic meal plan that could be prepared & build from there. Include foods that can be easily served for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.


Breakfast = 30 Meals for 30 Days (Adjust for however many family members you need to include)

1 Box of Instant Oatmeal = 1 Weeks Worth of Meals for 1 Adult

1 Box of Cereal & 1 Bag of Powdered Milk (of Any Kind in the correct size) = 1 Weeks Worth of Meals for 1 Adult

7 Cans of Fruit = 1 Weeks Worth of Meals for 1 Adult 

1 Box of Pancake Mix = 1 Weeks Worth of Meals for 1 Adult

Lunch = 30 Meals for 30 Days

2 Bags of Dried Pasta + 4 Jars Pasta Sauce = 1 Weeks Worth of Meals for 1 Adult

1 10Lb Bag of Rice + 7 Cans of Beans or 1 Bag Dried Beans = 1 Weeks Worth of Meals for 1 Adult

7 Cans of Tuna + 2 Boxes of Crackers = 1 Weeks Worth of Meals for 1 Adult

7 Cans of Chili, Soup or Strew = 1 Weeks Worth of Meals for 1 Adult

Dinner = 30 Meals for 30 Days

* Variations or Differing Combinations of Lunch can be applied to dinner.


  • Be sure to include foods that you & your family will actually eat, otherwise this can be a waste of money and resources. 
  • Shopping at least once a week for a few of these items to be stored away for a later date can be one of the best ways to stay in the habit of re-stocking for Food Storage.
  • Also be sure to check expiration dates & re-place items as needed. Having an inventory list of these items can be handy.

While emergency preparedness can be a bit overwhelming to think about now, following this guide and tailoring it to our family's' needs can be a self gratifying step towards being 100% self sufficient. 

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Be Genuine, Be Kind, Be Authentic.

xoxo, The Janadian.

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