Building Confidence Head to Toe

Building Confidence Head to Toe

Do you ever scroll on Instagram only to see the media flush with seemingly confident models and actors?

Here's an insider secret, all that confidence comes from within but there are some simple tricks to help us when we feel like we need some help making it shine from without. 

1. Stand Tall. 

We recommend also adding some daily postural exercises to help our bodies routinely adjust to being this way naturally. 

2. Listen to Bass-Heavy Tunes.

Studies at Northwestern University have shown that our favourite rap albums may have the power to make us feel more confident whenever we need it.

3. Get Into That Morning Ritual. 

While the concept of indulging in a surge of self-confidence may seem more vain than valuable, there's still something to be said for a well balanced grooming ritual if we choose to turn it into a mindfulness opportunity. Think about repeating positive affirmations about one's self in the shower while getting clean with EarthSuds zero-waste cubes daily. 


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Be Genuine, Be Kind, Be Authentic.

xoxo. The Janadian


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