Get Moving!

Get Moving!

Good Morning Janadians!

We hope you feel well rested & thankful for another day to be your best self. 

If you are looking for a recommended workout we suggest a 30 Day Trial with

Alo Moves

"Alo Moves is an online yoga video platform that is both a website & mobile app. We offer wide range yoga series from world-class instructors, and have an engaged online community to support you in your yoga journey. Our series come in a variety of styles such as Vinyasa, Strength, Yin, Flexibility, and more. Additionally, our series and classes come in a variety of experience levels that are suitable for  all yoga backgrounds. Video series can be accessed on your own time, completed at your own pace, & done in the convenience of your own home."

Get Started HERE.


Start The Day The Fit Feel Way Below!

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