Have you been kind today?

Have you been kind today?

Thank You Notes,

are a significant gesture that shows our gratitude and appreciation for something someone may have done for us. These are simple but genuine acts of kindness that can be carried out all year long. 

Some of us may believe that gratitude will be a positive thing only for the person being thanked, but studies in ‘positive psychology’ have found that this act of gratitude also has a positive impact on the person doing the thanking.

"We might also consider the fact that most common mental health problems include a major component of criticism. In depression people frequently struggle with self-critical thoughts, in anxiety fear of failure is often bound up with self-criticism, and self-criticism often also has a key role in body image issues, self-harm, psychotic experiences, and addictions. For this reason, therapies and practices involving kindness and compassion have become increasingly popular in recent years. The tendency to evaluate, judge and criticize ourselves harshly is often related to a similar approach to other people. Therefore expressing gratitude and appreciation might be a useful counter to this tendency."

3 Things we can all include in our lives to help promote feelings of gratitude and happiness are 

  • remembering three positive experiences at the end of every day
  • finding a main strength that we have and applying it in a different area of life
  • writing a letter of gratitude to somebody and delivering it personally (if possible)

If you had the opportunity to thank one person today, who would it be and why?


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Be Genuine, Be Kind, Be Authentic.

xoxo, The Janadian

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