Have You Tried This Yet?

Have You Tried This Yet?

Many of you may have heard The Janadian promoting

The Heightened Chef on Facebook & Instagram

but what exactly is it?

The Heightened Chef is a Cannabis Gourmet Meal Event that is held right in the comfort of our own homes. 

While The Heightened Chef was once an event that we could privately attend  (provided you knew the password) full of exciting Guest Speakers, DJ's, Musical Artists & more, it has now transformed itself into a unique Infused Meal Kit & Infused Pantry Collection.

How Does It Work? 

The Heightened Chef has worked hard to bring us the best in service with their shifts in business and are now available online HERE

Once an account has been created, options to purchase a meal kit for an upcoming event (Event Dates Below) or Infused Pantry Item for Delivery will become available. Simply follow steps to checkout to complete your purchase.

If a Heightened Chef Meal Kit has been purchased, a Zoom link will be provided to access the event for our professional Chefs to explain how to heat & serve the infused meal provided. Be sure to stay to the end of the event as there are always plenty of games and prizes to be given away throughout the night! 

Delivery to Guelph, Toronto & Surrounding Areas is available at additional cost. 

*NOTE: The site is PASSWORD PROTECTED as it is a 19+ Event. Please DM The Heightened Chef on Facebook or Instagram for the Password (Tell them The Janadian sent you!

See Our Collaboration with The Heightened Chef Below

Have Questions?

Ask us in the comment below or feel free to email us at janadianapparelandtrading@gmail.com


Be Genuine, Be Kind, Be Authentic


Remember to Support Our Local Community

xoxo, The Janadian.

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