Mama Earth Organics

Mama Earth Organics

"Mama Earth is a subscription service for people who love to eat, cook, share, and learn about food. From local organic produce, chef-made meals and sustainable seafood, to everyday items like bread, dairy and eggs, each basket delivery is 1,000% guaranteed and makes good eating easy for those who don't have the time to shop." - Mama Earth Organics.
Throughout 2020 Mama Earth Organics Delivery Service has been a helpful tool to help us source more locally grown produce as we've been transitioning from vegetarian to vegan. While we understand that veganism is not for everyone, we do appreciate that Mama Earth has committed to providing their services to help support the local food system in a variety of areas for all meal preferences. Mama Earth also includes information about their delivered produce in a weekly Newsletter too. It includes updates about their business as well as creative recipes to try. 

Here are 6 more reasons to invest in the local food system through Mama Earth Organics

Love what we eat

Supporting small scale local and organics farms and a highly curated market means we enjoy the most delicious and crazy fresh produce that also preserves farmland here in Ontario.

Fair price for farmers

Mama Earth works with local farmers to agree on a fair price for their crops beforehand (vs haggling down market value). It's fresh and delicious for us and fair for them, too!

Always something new

Mama Earth gives us access to over 50 local artisans making the best of what's around to help us discover the highest quality, exclusive, small-batch, delicious food. Period.

Save time

Mama Earth make it easy to forget the thousands of trips around the city and get all of our favourites easily ordered and customized online.

Lower your carbon footprint

With farms close by, and only covering our delivery area once per week, Mama Earth cuts down on emissions. They also have reusable totes, glass jars, and donate to carbon offset for any recycled packaging.

Community building

Our support helps Mama Earth support organizations right here in our community like food banks, charities and animal sanctuaries (and lowers food waste to boot).

Get a Delivery before March 6th and receive $10 off plus a free gift! 
Enter "Ariel Amber" (The Janadian) as referred friend upon sign up to receive offer. Eat Well, Be Well Janadians.


Be Genuine, Be Kind, be Authentic

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