Make it with Mushrooms

Make it with Mushrooms

According to the Dairy Farmers of Canada 2021 Milk Calendar...

Mushrooms are grown, harvested and delivered year round in Canada, so they're always in season! Store mushrooms in the fridge in a brown paper bag to absorb the edible fungus' natural moisture. Plastic can trap these fun guys' moisture inside which can result in slimy mushrooms. 

Some of the most popular mushrooms varieties grown in Canada are White Button, Cremini, & Portobello. Specialty mushrooms like Shiitake, Oyster, King Oyster & Enoki mushrooms are all still on the rising trend in the food industry.

What can mushrooms do for us when included regularly in our diets?

Mushrooms have a number of benefits that include but are not limited to...

  • Helping eliminate gum pain with shiitake mushrooms
  • Increasing Riboflavin to help heal headaches 
  • Increasing Cell-Protecting Ergothioneine (Antioxidant) intake
  • Helps to Lower LDL cholesterol (Bad Cholesterol) while increasing HDL Cholesterol levels (Good Cholesterol)
  • Includes healthy ingredients like Vitamin C, fibre & potassium for cardiovascular health

Mushrooms also have the ability to aid in boosting the content of a specific nutrient we have in our meals. This means we can boost the power of herbs & spices by using them in meals that include mushrooms. 

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