Spring Sinus Relief with Avocados

Spring Sinus Relief with Avocados

Inside Avocados there is an antioxidant called Glutathione. 

Glutathione as well as several other antioxidants dwell in our nasal lining in order to prevent harmful free radical molecules from causing cell damage. 
Cell damage that occurs inside the nasal passages may result in sinusitis.


Danish scientists have found that people with sinusitis have about half as much glutathione in their mucus as healthy people, leading them to believe that there is a possibility that boosting our antioxidant levels with glutathione from foods like organic potatoes, organic asparagus & of course organic avocados can help protect us from illnesses like sinusitis, the common cold, flu & other nasal or respiratory illnesses. 

Try replacing Mayo for Mashed Avocado on your next sandwich! 


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