Janadian Vegan Meal Planning, How Do We Do It?

Janadian Vegan Meal Planning, How Do We Do It?

Committing to Plant Based eating can seem like a long and complicated transition that carnivores and omnivores alike have made for decades. 

Here is a list of our tips and tricks to making Vegan Eating a Sustainable Lifestyle

1. Have a list of veganized menu ideas readily available.

2. Plan when to shop for what you need. 

Mark down when there are grocery store flyer change dates & food delivery service dates so you know when to meal plan and make grocery lists. 

3. Make Grocery Lists.

This makes saving money and only shopping for what you need on the menu easier.

4. Be prepared with proper food storage to limit food waste. 

5. Try to Opt for Local & Organic Foods

6. Have Frozen Meals Ready.

This can make avoiding excessive trips to unhealthy fast food restaurants that do not meet our nutritional needs easier. 

7. Know when you eat naturally.

This helps us make our meal planning easier. 

8. Have a Meal Plan & Take Time to Prep Foods for Storage.

Click Image Below to see the

Janadian Vegan Meal Plan Example. 

Vegan Meal Plan Example

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Be Genuine, Be Kind, Be Authentic.

xoxo, The Janadian.  


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