EarthSuds Cedarwood Mint Body Wash Tablets

What is EarthSuds?

In an effort to help provide zero-waste alternatives to our community both locally and internationally, Janadian Apparel & International Trading Company is now an official retailer for EarthSuds! 

EarthSuds is a business that believes in a plastic-free economy where sustainability does not compromise quality. EarthSuds has built a team of superstars in pursuit of an ambitious goal; to replace all single-use plastic bathroom products with sustainable EarthSuds alternatives.

While researching what this innovative Waterloo, Ontario company has to offer we found that EarthSuds has created dissolvable tablets of shampoo, conditioner and body wash that are stored in reusable cases. These Earth-Friendly products are made without silicones, sulfates, and parabens. EarthSuds products deliver a luxury clean without impacting the environment.

We recommend the Cedarwood Mint Body Wash Tablets for everyday use.


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