Why Should We ALL Have Gardens?

Why Should We ALL Have Gardens?

Gardens play an incredibly important role in our eco-system as well as our day to day lives.

Many of us have gotten so caught up in our modern day routines that include the excessive use of Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops & other useful but distracting technology; that we forget the most essential part of ourselves needs plants.

Plants are part of our essential life source. 

It is not just Trees alone that help supply our world with Oxygen & Nutrients, many plants have incredible regenerative abilities that can be used as a natural aid to clean up the Earth too. These regenerative abilities include but are not limited to cleaning ground water, purifying the air around us and removal of toxic metals, chemicals or bacteria found in our soil.

Without Gardens, we have NO FOOD. 

This should be pretty obvious to most but it is also a fact many of us take for granted. Farms are of course just really big, well curated gardens that provide unlimited benefits to both humanity as well as the environments we live in. If each of us made the effort to plant and look after our own gardens we could drastically improve the way we all co-exist with one another. 

Imagine This...

It's a beautiful sunny day out. You walk outside and step into a small area full of green leaves and bright coloured petals. Each plant looks more unique beside the next as your eyes wander around the scenery you have created for yourself and others to enjoy. You get a warm sensation as you breathe in the fresh, crisp smells of each plant and exhale peaceful relief knowing that not only is this space full of clean air but the whole world benefits from this small patch of garden existing too. As you tour around the greenery, you notice the sounds of bees buzzing around wildflowers as they collect nectar and pollinate the garden while butterflies float past and birds chirp in the trees.

"This must be the most wholesome way to live life" you think to yourself as you feel the Earth beneath you while you continue to move around the small yet heavenly space. Upon further inspection of the garden, you notice fresh produce growing. The ripest, juiciest tomato catches your eye as your hand extents to pick it effortlessly. Feeling the weight and seeing the size of this fresh organic tomato brings joy to your soul. You are now excited to return home where you can begin to wash and prepare the ripened fruit. 

Why else would one want to start a garden?

When we grow and tend to our own gardens we can help provide our community with...

  • a cost effective way to provide or share food with the community
  • a solution to an emergency such as a food shortage
  • a decrease in our carbon footprint as the food will not need to travel far to get to our plates
  • a way to help teach the next generation about where food comes from & how we can better care for the planet
  • a home for pollinators such as bees, butterflies & hummingbirds
  • connection to our family and neighbours through the gift of giving
  • regular exercise (from all that lifting and twisting)
  • a fresh, nutrient rich alternative to excessive processed food consumption, leading to longer and healthier lives


We could go on for days about gardens but we also encourage each and every Janadian to find their own reasons for starting or maintaining a garden. Consider asking a friend who gardens why they enjoy the activity to gain some insight too. 

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Be Genuine, Be Kind, Be Authentic. 
xoxo, The Janadian.
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