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Jamaican Organic Ground Curry Powder

Jamaican Organic Ground Curry Powder

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100% Organic Jamaican Curry Powder

It's the special (and common) ingredient in our finger-licking Jamaican curried chick'n, piquant Jamaican curried shrimp and the all-time favourite, Jamaican curried goat!

Curry powder is actually a mixture of spices of widely varying composition first developed by the British during their colonial rule of India.

The word "Curry", which was derived from the Indian word "Khari" came from Southern India and refers to a sauce of any kind. Since that introduction in India, curry has almost been synonymous with Indian food. Prior to this historic event, the British took the idea back home and the concept spread quickly across the western world. That version however had a different and standardized taste since it did not utilize the fresh spices used in India.

Jamaicans were not truly introduced to curry until the Indian indentured servants came to Jamaica back in the 1830s to work on the sugar plantations. Since then the curried concept has deeply penetrated Jamaican food & culture.

Curry has an active ingredient called Curcumin the main active ingredient in turmeric. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant.

Research has shown that it has the ability to:

1. Decreased incidence of Alzheimer’s disease
2. Halt or prevent certain cancers
3. Improve cardiovascular health
4. Improve digestion
5. Prevent cataracts
6. Reduce the long-term effects of diabetes
7. Relieve gas
8. Treat arthritis
9. Treat multiple sclerosis
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