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Jamaican Organic Ground Trumpet Leaf

Jamaican Organic Ground Trumpet Leaf

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Air Dried & Grounded, Wild Crafted 100% Organic Certified fresh Trumpet Leaf from Jamaica

The trumpet tree (Cecropia peltata), native to tropical America, is another common but powerful medicinal plant used in Jamaica (as well as Haiti and other countries in the Caribbean) where it is called the Trumpet tree. It is an evergreen tree that grows up to 10 meters and is known in Jamaican particularly for its exceptional treatment of respiratory conditions.


Health benefits are said to include but are not limited to the treatment of bronchitis and hypertension, snake and scorpion bites, gonorrhea, dropsy, childbirth, menstruation, obesity, respiratory infections (as indicated above), diabetes and bacterial infection. It is also used to treat and manage liver conditions, cardiac conditions, asthma, flu and Parkinson's' diseases.

Other parts of the trumpet tree may be used as medicinal herbs as well. The sap may be used to make an ointment which is excellent for all kinds of skin ailments or it may also be used to make rubber. The inner buds can be steamed and eaten like vegetables and can be cooked just like cabbage.

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Use three cups of trumpet tea daily for colds, asthma and flu. Also, two cups daily of trumpet leaves tea may be taken for Parkinson's disease for a duration of three months.

Disclaimer: Information on this and all herbs listed here are not intended as a medical reference but as a source of information. Before trying any herbal remedy please consult your medical practitioner.
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