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Bone Olio

BoneOlio Bone Broth For Pets

BoneOlio Bone Broth For Pets

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Boneolio is an all-natural, human grade bone broth made from real ingredients to help boost your furry friends' health and happiness.

Lamb, Beef & Duck Broth are easily digestible, perfect for sensitive tummies and is also a great source of collagen.

What It Does As an addition to your dog's diet, Boneolio will enhance the flavour of an meal and keep your dog guessing what's on the dinner menu.

Give your dog all it needs to  thrive, without having to swallow a pill!

Bone broth is great for helping with: Digestive health Picky eaters Coat luster

How to Use It: Add 15 ml (0.5 oz) per 10 lbs of body weight per day on top of your dog's food. Great as both a nutritional supplement and kibble softener.

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