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Jamaican Coal Pots

Jamaican Coal Pots

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Approximately 12/ 12. 5 inches in diameter.

A Jamaican coal pot is a small earthenware or cast-iron stove that was traditionally used for cooking outdoors, especially in rural areas.

This basin contains holes in the base, which allows the ash from the coals to fall into the second part, which is a hollow cylindrical foot that is about fifteen centimetres deep.

The bottom compartment, or foot, has a hole on one side, which allows the ash to be removed, as well as allows airflow to the coals in the top compartment, which assists the lit coals to stay as hot as possible.

Back in the days, pots were perched on the stove for cooking, and meat on sticks were laid on top of the coals and grilled. Although today, most households have transitioned to using more modern appliances for cooking such as electric and gas stoves, the traditional ceramic coal pot is still used for roasting breadfruit.

Many Jamaicans at home and abroad still use the coal pot to cook because the food tastes distinctly different when compared to food cooked by conventional methods, such as the local woods used for cooking on a coal stove impart a flavourful smoke to dishes.
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