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My Island Jamaica

Jamaican Grated Bizzy (Kola Nut)

Jamaican Grated Bizzy (Kola Nut)

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The Jamaican bissy, also known as kola nut (cola acuminata), is well known as a Jamaican remedy for the management of poisoning. may have yet another very important use. Bissy shows antioxidant properties is also used to treat fever, relieve inflammation and diarrhea.

A study in 2004 has also shown that bissy can inhibit the growth of some bacteria. In general, bissy energizes and strengthens the body when ingested as a tonic. The kola nut, because of its detoxing and antioxidant properties, is also good for the skin, and many Jamaican children have been given bissy tea to detox them before going back to school, especially after a long holiday eating 'cabba cabba' food.

The bissy powder and leaf can also be put onto cuts to promote quicker healing.
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