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Jamaican Organic Custard Apple Leaves

Jamaican Organic Custard Apple Leaves

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While the custard apple has countless health benefits like being rich in antioxidants and minerals like calcium and potassium, its leaves are equally nutritious. They are prized for their health benefits, especially in Ayurveda. The leaves are often used for medicinal purposes due to their quick healing capability.

The common names for the custard apple are Jamaica apple, Bullock's heart, Bull's heart, Wild sweetsop and Anona Roja. The tree can be found Island wide in many yards and it can be found in the bushes as well.

Although the fruit, which is very meaty, creamy and very sweet as well as very nutritious, it is the leaves that are popularly sort after and used as herbal remedies.

The bark and the fruit possess alkaloids as well as anonaine (C17H16O3N) which can aid in herbal remedies. The leaves are not the only ones with medicinal benefits, the fruit also is used to remedy diarrhea as well as dysentery.

It also helps to..
1 Regulates sugar in the body
2) Prevents ageing of the skin
3) Keeps the heart-healthy
4) Gives the body overall strength and power
5) Heals wounds

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Making A Tea:
Steep three to four of the dried leaves in boiling water for about eight minutes.
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