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Jamaican Organic Guinea Hen Weed

Jamaican Organic Guinea Hen Weed

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Guinea Hen Weed is traditionally used by Jamaicans in folk medicine to boost immunity, fight inflammation and pain, and treat various chronic diseases.

The potential benefits are believed to stem from its variety of plant compounds, including flavonoids, triterpenes, lipids, coumarin, and sulphur compounds.

Some benefits of Guinea Hen Weed include:
•It is rich in antioxidants.
•It is used as a treatment for cold and flu symptoms and other respiratory conditions.
•It is effective in reducing fevers.
•It is an effective pain reliever.
•It lowers blood sugar.
•It has antispasmodic properties.
•It is a traditional remedy for arthritis and rheumatism — its leaves can be crushed and made into a paste which can be applied to soothe pains and aches.
• It can also be used to stimulate proper digestion and to relieve digestive problems such as bloating and flatulence.
•It fights infections and stimulates the immune system.
•It promotes the release of toxins through increased sweat and urine production.
• It is also used as a natural insect repellent.

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