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My Island Jamaica

Jamaican Organic, Handpicked Ground Pimento Leaves

Jamaican Organic, Handpicked Ground Pimento Leaves

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The Jamaican Pimento or Allspice leaf is said to contain as much, and possibly more flavour than the Pimento Berries themselves!

The fresh leaves are similar in texture to bay leaves and are similarly used in cooking.

Put them on coals for a spicy smoke or place them in a pot of water over the heat for amazing aromatic steam for any meat or meat substitute.
You may also use the leaves as a spice in your Jerk rubs or in place of bay leaves for any dish!

In addition, to being used as a spice in food preparations the leaf, when used to make tea, is also a remedy for gastrointestinal pain.
The unripe berry can be used as a remedy for influenza, while a tea brewed from the leaf of the pimento tree and ginger root, is said to be good for diabetes.

Our supply comes from an area in the hills of Westmoreland, Jamaica, known for its exceptional quality pimento!
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